I guess I should start

Welcome to old members and new, a few rules and keeping it fair.
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Have you got backups? It would be really interesting to look at the old threads again

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Nah they were long gone..... Shame you might be able to pull some stuff from Way Back When Machine?

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I'm a few months late jumping on this but nice to see you still around.

Scary to report but I've still got the 2 kids I had back in the day and now supplemented by 2 grandchildren and 2 dogs. :o Fortunately I'm still young and good looking so pass them off as nieces and nephews :lol:

Still loving my music and still dancing, but these days it's mostly Salsa. Also went uberfit and now I'm a triathlon coach in my spare time.

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Great to see the old forum back. I'm still in touch with quite a few of the old Clubber crew.

My life hasn't changed much, same house, same husband, same kids, although they're now 27 and 29. Still get out and about as much as possible to club nights and festivals :)

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Ok mates, I am back and stronger than ever I know you missed me, of course you did Now where is my awesome Trotsky avatar, or dont we get any here?

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I am new to Digital Recovery and Computer Forensics in general. My question is Where do I Start?
What should I look for as a first job? What classes should I take? What are the best certifications? Where could I go to study? Ect........

Any advice. And I do mean any advice would be helpful

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