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I suspect there will be lots of them to add here but maybe for anyone that stumbles accross this site that wasn't on here back in what was it 1999? We can add a few bits of what made it such a special place.

Back in 98/99 I was working in an internet start-up with lots of free time and web access. It was a brave new world pre Facebook and even with eBay and Amazon still cutting their teeth.

Ive been struggling to recall how I stumbled across the site but it might well have been Google or altavista back then!

Lots of banter and it was refreshing as not a lot of my friends were into proper clubbing and music. Early on and probably within a few weeks of the forum being launched I met Rich Fishburn or "Slay" a lovely guy that I was lucky to share a lot of adventures with. We met up in Leeds he was the first online friend I'd met through this still relatively new internet thing.

Through the following 3/4 years i was lucky to meet up with some great people. Dancemonster was a key ingredient in our adventures and we travelled the country in search of a good night. At that time i don't think there was actually any night or festival we went to that didn't have an organised clubber meet.

Some highlights I recall:

Point zero and the after hours club scene in Sheffield

Leeds love parade and associated 3 day party at Slays!

Spaceys parties!

Homelands festival . that one could have a thread of its own!

Hazy memories of some dodgy house parties in LS6 with Nige, Salvador and a pal of mine that ran the think tank in Leeds.

Fantastic times and a wisely mis spent youth with some really interesting and lovely people.

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